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How do you like the faculty of medical sciences?

Worst agency ever started with blackmail on queen funeral day threats of work loss if I wont work on my rest day followed by victimisation and trying to avoid Agency act regulation by all cost ignoring/not replying to messages I send from that time anything eg. holiday need to be done thru HR. Incredibly unprofessional. I did try already to resolve issue by involving HR but ended up with no work this month after contacting (HR) which Contacted (branch manager) And victimisation continues, hard to say there is no work while other people work (deleted by the administrator) days a week.6 months work with company gone to drain, now back under (deleted by the administrator) week as no work for month cheap tricks

Corporate Commercial Surveyors is the new company set up from Hampton Lovett after the reviews exposed them. You need to choose your words carefully when leaving a review here otherwise they get them deleted. In short, do not use this company, you will not get any rate reduction and you will not get your money back.

Don’t waste you time with such a company not far off a scam

Great food ,Allergy aware,very helpful, well priced a hidden gem which only the locals know.small queue s plenty of tables & GREAT FOOD & STAFF ,love going there.Great Experience.

They carry out very poor work and refuse to honour guarantee. Also they do not give Certs for any electrical work. This can invalidate your home insurance.