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Rating 3.8/5
based on 5 ratings


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Lynda Happening date 2023-09-28

Paid £2,500 up front, no support whatsoever, wiped/blocked all the online training after 6 months & still expect you to pay ongoing tests. Taking to Trading Standards/ ombudsman, asked for a refund, was told no.


But their online training has some limit or not? Such things should be described in terms and conditions or somewhere and if you were told no maybe there is a reason for it

Ana Happening date 2023-09-13

So I have been doing lessons with my instructor since January and must have spend close to £2000 as I was reminded that I’m a slow learner etc. anyways I postponed my test once, and got another date for today. My driving instructor a week before my test decided to burden me by saying he would like me to reschedule as he cannot afford to have another pupil fail as his pass score was basically very poor and that if I failed he would have to resit his test to teach learners. I do not see how that was my problem and he said if I still wanted to go to the test it would be without him and without his car as he will not be taking me. Not going to lie that put a hell of a lot of pressure a week before my test. Luckily my partner and I have a car that I’m insured on and have also been using for practice sessions outside the lessons with this instructor. I went to my test this morning with our own car and passed first time and to be quite honest I have learnt more from my partner over the last couple weeks than my instructor who kept me driving in Edinburgh for 30 hours instead of taking me Musselburgh test routes. The fact of the matter is he said I had a good chance of passing but he “couldn’t take the risk” that I would fail. His pass rate was put above all else which to me is unheard off.


I would never want to hear something like that from an instructor and I can only imagine, how demotivating it was. Was he like that during all the courses or it happened at the end, just due to his PASS RATE? :p

Paul Happening date 2023-09-22

Amazing experience

Passed first time!


What about the instructor? You passed on your first time, so I suppose he was professional. but was the atmosphere nice? That's important for me

Sue Happening date 2023-06-20

Love working here. Everything they promised has been delivered. I had a full diary from day one and whenever I've needed help they have always been there. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to start a new career


Do you normally work 8h/day or do they expect overtime?

Constantly spamming job sites Happening date 2023-06-01

Constantly spamming job sites, all I see is false vacancies for My Four Wheels.

@Constantly spamming job sites

Hmm why do you think they do it? Can you think of any reason for spamming with false vacancies??

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Mark Happening date 2023-03-11

Lovely people and great working environment

Mark Happening date 2023-03-11

Amazing company to work for

great company to work for, treat staff extremely well.


What about the salary? If you can share this information I will be extremely grateful

People who would like to work in this industry will certainly be happy to know exactly what such work entails. Can employees of MY FOUR WHEELS count on flexible working conditions?

In the job offer for Driving Instructor the salary has been changed. Currently you can earn 2500 £.

In the job offer for Driving Instructor the salary has been changed. Currently you can earn 2500 £.