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As many as 46% of Brits would turn down a job offer if it did not offer flexible hours, according to a Randstad report. But is this true? How do flexible working hours look like in MY FOUR WHEELS?

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The most popular review among Gowork users
Happening date 2024-02-14
User evaluation:

Part 3 pass!
Amazing driving School! The help and support from everyone at M4W from the Instructors to the guys behind the scenes has just been fantastic since day one! Got my Part 3 pass today and couldn't be happier! Onward and upward!

Most popular review
The most popular review among Gowork users
Next week will be my first full year as an ADI
Happening date 2024-01-26
User evaluation:

I can not rate M4W any more highly for their training program and a company to work for.

The training wasn't easy but anybody who is willing to put the effort in should see the rewards. There were 3 stages to the training and I was worried about the theory as I was told that this was self study as I thought it would be classroom training, I was reassured before I enrolled on the course that there would be help should I need. My first call with somebody from the support team was only a couple of days later and she was so reassuring going over things, and all I needed to do was pick up the phone should I need anything. This support continued throughout the training and I really appreciated the little good luck messages before my tests.

Once I had completed the training I was ready to hit the road but I was filled with self doubt, all I got was reassurance from everybody at M4W. I was allocated an account manager to look after me while I was teaching, this was something I wasnt expecting but it was very much appreciated.

Looking back on the last year I would not be telling the truth if I said it has all be perfect, I have had days where I doubted my decision to become an instructor but the feeling I get when a pupil achieves something they have been trying over and over again just over rides any worries I have.

I would not hesitate to recommend M4W to anybody who is looking to train as an instructor, from the 1st phone call when I enquired about the role right through to getting on the road M4W have been there to help. Unfortunately just before I started my training one of my school friends has started training elsewhere and she did not have a great experience and never actually made it to the end of training which has put her off the role which is a real shame, I am so glad that I chose M4W.

Most popular review
The most popular review among Gowork users
Happening date 2023-11-23
User evaluation:

So far my experience with this company has been beyond my expectations.

Support on every turn, no matter how sharp :)
Office support has been great, guiding me through the unknown no matter how weird my questions or queries are!

In car training - Amazing!
My Instructor trainer (Stuart from Leicester) has been amazing!
The amount of support I received and still receive from him is more than what I expected.

MyFourWheels is just one big family!



Hi Miroslav, Can you tell me how much the additional hours cost after the course? Usually the price is lower for people who have completed a course at this school and higher for people from outside. I wonder how much it is


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Most popular review
The most popular review among Gowork users
Happening date 2022-05-25
User evaluation:

I have been working with MFW for the last 12 months and whilst it has been a challenging year I have really enjoyed it. I previously tried to do my training with another company who offered me guaranteed pass, unlimited support plus lots of other false claims, that saying if it is too good to be true it usually is and I jumped in without doing my research.

I was then told about MFW by some driving instructor friends so I contacted them to find out about them, I was dubious but the careers advisor was so understanding she explained the process in detail including all the negatives and one been that they can not guarantee I will pass BUT they will work with me to make sure if I did fail they would help me at the 2nd attempt, thankfully I did not need this.

Once I was ready to start teaching I was still nervous even though the training team has been so good, My main concern was having enough pupils, this has never been a problem I have a waiting list of pupils keen to start. After having such a bad experience with a previous company, MFW have restored my faith. I won’t say my first year has been easy as it hasn’t, this year has been a very difficult time for many but everyone of the team was so helpful so make sure that Covid had a minimum impact.

I look forward to many more years with the company


If you were to say one thing, that difference MFW from competitors what that would be? Because as you say, you had some previous experiences with similar companies :)

Happening date 2024-02-01
User evaluation:

The level of assistance and engagement by the support team is most appreciated.

Leo Rooney
Happening date 2024-01-25

I have found my4wheels to be helpful…
I have found my4wheels to be helpful with my part 1 giving me media and advice

Happening date 2024-01-25
User evaluation:

My experience so far with My four wheels has been excellent. They are very welcoming and more than happy to help with any questions I raise. The training programme and online systems are excellent and I couldn't be happier with choosing them as my path towards becoming a qualified ADI

Happening date 2024-01-15
User evaluation:

I started training with My Four Wheels in December and am currently starting my Part Two of the training.
So far the level of support I have received from the My Four Wheels team has been fantastic. Initially Vicky was brilliant with helping me get the ball rolling and answer any questions about the upcoming training or being an instructor in general and for my Part 1, Jo was in touch with regular updates and check in’s to see how I’m doing, no matter the question she was there to help.

Happening date 2024-01-03
User evaluation:

Great customer support and advice given throughout my part 1 ADI training. Very supportive staff and always there when needed.

Happening date 2024-01-05
User evaluation:

Support for PDI part 3 training
Just finished my 20 hours of part 3 training with(deleted by the administrator) was a great support from start to finish; not just for the actual driver training, but for the invaluable advice given for the entire journey beyond the green badge. I feel confident in entering my new phase of training and have (deleted by the administrator) to thank for that.

Happening date 2024-01-04
User evaluation:

If you are considering in becoming an…
If you are considering in becoming an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), then I can highly recommend My Four Wheels Company. Professional, supportive and friendly.

Happening date 2024-01-02
User evaluation:

Great customer support and advice given throughout my part 1 ADI training. Very supportive staff and always there when needed

Happening date 2023-12-20
User evaluation:

Top Class Training
Today I passed my PDI Part 2 first attempt and only 2 minors.
Would like to thank Stuart my trainer for his valued time/knowledge/support and advice throughout the last 9 weeks during our training session's and via WhatsApp chat.
To Tom and Lee for their excellent VCT training.
Also to the staff behind the scenes at My Four Wheels for touching base every now and again offering support.
Would highly recommend My Four Wheels if you are wanting to become a Driving Instructor, the training and ongoing support is top class!!!.

Happening date 2023-12-13
User evaluation:

Just completed my part 1 with the help of my4wheels. With the support both technically online and verbally I felt confident going into my test.
So glad I chose my4wheels to start my new career
Thank you.


New career? I understand you're starting work there, right? Because I have a few questions, but I see that people here are reluctant to answer, can you tell me more about these tests?

Happening date 2023-11-30

How much do I have to pay upfront for the training


Have you checked their website? I think it should be provided somewhere but I just can't find it... If you find out, please let me know here

Happening date 2023-11-26
User evaluation:

I am very happy with the support of a team. They provided lots of information for me before going for my Part 1 test. They also kept in contact with me to see how am I doing and if I need any further support. Looking forward to start my training for Part two.


If anyone of you knows, please let me know whether you ride with the same instructor throughout the entire period of learning or do they change?

Happening date 2023-11-24
User evaluation:

I passed my Part 1 and Part 2 tests first time with My Four Wheels. The training and advice I have received from (deleted by the administrator), my in car trainer, over the last few months has been invaluable. I have become a better and more confident driver. I’m now looking forward to working towards Part 3!


Which part do you think is the hardest? And these are more theoretical or practical tests? I've heard that the tests are very demanding and I'm a bit afraid of them..

Happening date 2023-11-13
User evaluation:

Why all the positive reviews don’t answer back ? Are they really genuine? I’m really thinking to become a driving instructor and would really appreciate some info from someone inside the industry,but the answers here seem to be different from the ones in driving instructor forum’s.


Why different? Here I can see mostly positive reviews - on driving instructor forums people are not praising them that much? I'm also considering applying there

Happening date 2023-11-15


I posted a few weeks ago but decided to take it down as the repaojses seem to be bots in tended to spark conversation. Not one review has bot had a response.

I was going through the same decision making process. I asked to speak with a few my four wheels instructors and they all said they were brilliant.

I also looked at lots of review sites including trustpilot, Google, Facebook, yell, their site, etc and all of them gave them 5 stars.

I also went on the driving forums and there's very much mixed reviews, but I found anything negative came from 1 man band driving instructors who haven't ever had an experience with my four wheels other than been in competition with them.

Front what I understand they have 300 instructors and you don't get to that size without been a good company.

My feeling is there's a lot of animosity from 1 man band instructors and franchises as a whole, a little but like a corner shop vs tesco.

If I were you I'd ask to speak to an instructor who works for then like I did. I signed up last week and so far so good. Had all the support they promised


Great idea, I haven't thought about contacting the instructors directly. Where did you get their numbers? I have only the one to the company


This isn’t a review, it is someone asking a question.


That’s exactly my point. The reviews here sound too good to be true and the people writing them don’t answer back when you ask them questions. They seem fake to me. Meanwhile people in forums speak from experience hence the mixed responses. In the end it depends what you want to hear I guess. I don’t mean in anyway to sound negative just doing a little research. Please share any thoughts, I appreciate it as I’m still considering to be a driving instructor. And good luck


This is the first answer that I find helpful here and thank you for sharing it. Can you tell me how to contact any of the driving instructor’s at all ? People writing the 5 star reviews here don’t answer back when you ask them questions hence why I doubt their genuineness

Happening date 2023-11-01
User evaluation:

Great support so far
Great support so far! I'm so glad I chose My Four Wheels. I'm looking forward to my next phase of training, feeling confident that I will be supported all the way by a brilliant team.


Didn't you have a problem with queuing, with waiting for a slot with your chosen instructor? Thanks in advance

Happening date 2023-10-01
User evaluation:

Can’t recommend M4W enough for any persons wanting to either learn to drive or become a driving instructor. I am towards the end of my program and everything was done with great professionalism.


Do you have to sign up, wait in queue or is it like going there and starting your driving course? I'm asking about my son who wants to start soon.

Happening date 2023-05-08

have used this franchise to gain experience as a driving instructor on a PDI. The company is professional and has delivered on all that was advertised, supplying pupils and offering support when needed. The staff are always polite and help with questions offering advice whenever needed.

They have been fantastic during lockdown, despite taking a hit themselves, by cancelling franchise fees, while still offering zoom courses and training. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend M4W for potential driving instructors or individuals wanting to learn to drive.

Happening date 2023-02-01
User evaluation:

I can not express how happy I am now I am able to start teaching pupils and feel this could be my dream job that I didn't realise until later on in life. I was made redundant and came across a driving school offering training followed by a job, I was very naïve was taken in by the sales pitch and now looking back the very cheap price.

I was promised the world but once I paid i got nothing and every time I asked for help I was advised there was additional costs. I was about to give up until I saw an advert for My 4 Wheels, so I gave them a call.


What specific qualities or offerings did they have that made your experience with them stand out compared to the previous driving school? I'm just curious what's so special about them

Happening date 2023-10-14
User evaluation:

I debated long and hard about a change of career. I can only say with confidence, that all at my4wheels have been supportive, friendly, and certain members have gone beyond the level of assistance, which has helped develop a major leap of confidence with my career path chosen. All members of my Wheels see the person and aim 110% every one of us to achieve their goal of being a Driving Instructor. You will not be disappointed if you choose my4wheels


Congrats for your success, such satisfaction is not too common nowadays. How long did it take to prepare for a theoretical part of the exams? I heard it's not too easy and that's why I stopped thinking about my driving instructor career

Happening date 2023-10-12
User evaluation:

Lobe working here. Fantastic training, passed 1st time. Now got a full diary and loving lofe


What an optimist :P Could you please tell me, how long did the training take? And did you get any money during that time? That information is very important for me, thanks

Happening date 2023-09-28

Paid £2,500 up front, no support whatsoever, wiped/blocked all the online training after 6 months & still expect you to pay ongoing tests. Taking to Trading Standards/ ombudsman, asked for a refund, was told no.


But their online training has some limit or not? Such things should be described in terms and conditions or somewhere and if you were told no maybe there is a reason for it

Happening date 2023-09-22
User evaluation:

Amazing experience

Passed first time!


What about the instructor? You passed on your first time, so I suppose he was professional. but was the atmosphere nice? That's important for me

Happening date 2023-09-13
User evaluation:

So I have been doing lessons with my instructor since January and must have spend close to £2000 as I was reminded that I’m a slow learner etc. anyways I postponed my test once, and got another date for today. My driving instructor a week before my test decided to burden me by saying he would like me to reschedule as he cannot afford to have another pupil fail as his pass score was basically very poor and that if I failed he would have to resit his test to teach learners. I do not see how that was my problem and he said if I still wanted to go to the test it would be without him and without his car as he will not be taking me. Not going to lie that put a hell of a lot of pressure a week before my test. Luckily my partner and I have a car that I’m insured on and have also been using for practice sessions outside the lessons with this instructor. I went to my test this morning with our own car and passed first time and to be quite honest I have learnt more from my partner over the last couple weeks than my instructor who kept me driving in Edinburgh for 30 hours instead of taking me Musselburgh test routes. The fact of the matter is he said I had a good chance of passing but he “couldn’t take the risk” that I would fail. His pass rate was put above all else which to me is unheard off.


I would never want to hear something like that from an instructor and I can only imagine, how demotivating it was. Was he like that during all the courses or it happened at the end, just due to his PASS RATE? :p

Happening date 2023-06-20
User evaluation:

Love working here. Everything they promised has been delivered. I had a full diary from day one and whenever I've needed help they have always been there. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to start a new career


Do you normally work 8h/day or do they expect overtime?

Constantly spamming job sites
Happening date 2023-06-01
User evaluation:

Constantly spamming job sites, all I see is false vacancies for My Four Wheels.


Hmm why do you think they do it? Can you think of any reason for spamming with false vacancies??

Happening date 2023-03-11

Lovely people and great working environment

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In the job offer for Driving Instructor the salary has been changed. Currently you can earn 2500 £.

In the job offer for Driving Instructor the salary has been changed. Currently you can earn 2500 £.

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