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Rating 1/5
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Anonymous Happening date 2023-07-24

This company is totally fraudulent , not only have they taken control of my tax affairs without my permission they have taken my £1699 tax refund and not passed any on to me. They offer a service to reclaim your ppi tax for a fee of corse then use your electronic signature to take over your tax affairs from Hmrc. Hmrc are aware of this company’s activities but continue to send your money to them and you can do nothing about it. As a 73 year old disabled pensioner, I have to watch my finances and I could well do without these crooks steeling my money. Don’t use them, if they contact you, hang up and don’t get scammed like me or kiss your money good bye.


But how come that hmrc is sending them money without your permission? Can you explain it? I see such a case for the first time. Have a good day


Yes happened me too very misleading company wont send you any paperwork as not to leave a paper trail for evidence of fraud will be more careful in future

Anonymous Happening date 2023-08-03

They are scammers. If not received me tax refund from them

How can I get my money from them


Have you tried to contact some legal organisation? There are many of those in the UK, I have heard that you can always try to write to Citizens Advice and they help for free.

Anonymous Happening date 2023-08-31

Nationwide have not paid me anything & now I have a tax bill for “over paid refund “


Wow, sad to see comments like that. How long have you been waiting?

Vince Happening date 2023-08-24

I still haven't received my cheque why did you send it to them


What cheque do you mean? Did they trick you somehow?

Vimce Happening date 2023-08-24

I Have not received my cheque


And what now???

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Anonymous Happening date 2023-06-26

Can this company be trusted


I have the same question. Do you have maybe any friends working there?

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