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The most popular review among Gowork users
Pat ex-customer
Happening date 2023-09-13
User evaluation:

It is difficult to find a good dog walker, and then I unfortunately came across this Doggy Poppins company, I was thinking that I’d found the right one due to her seemingly friendly caring nature. I was proven to be wrong. Strange unnerving behaviour that left me feeling uncomfortable.
My dog didn’t look like he had been on a walk at all.


That sounds concerning. Did you try to address your concerns with the company after the unsettling experience?


It can’t really be class as a company. It’s just one woman and she is completely unreasonable to talk to.


So the whole company is just one woman walking with dogs? :o


Yes, just one woman walking with several dogs at the same time, with some of them off the lead and some of them not.


So maybe it would be better if she had more people to walk with so many dogs. Did you talk with her about getting your money back?

Reply to Mike

I have no interest in the money, it’s not about the money. It’s about what’s best for the animals and making sure the public know to avoid her services.

Most popular review
The most popular review among Gowork users
Happening date 2024-03-02
User evaluation:

The owner of Doggy Poppins uses dogs to generate money. That’s her only concern. She has zero concern for the animals.
Walking packs of dogs off lead that are not accustomed to doing so is dangerous, with no care to them or other dog owners.
Whilst out walking I was attacked by one of Poppins dogs and the walker found it amusing. She was aggressive and nasty.

Do NOT use this dog walking service.
Happening date 2024-04-12
User evaluation:

Do NOT use this dog walking service, it’s bad.


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Happening date 2024-04-09
User evaluation:

Jekyll and Hyde character. Doggy Poppins owner gave me the impression that she was the perfect person to walk my dog. Initially she was friendly, bubbly, funny, seemed to be very caring of animals, and professional.
However, over time I saw a completely different character who cannot be trusted.
I don’t wish to give any details because I do not want to reveal who I am because she knows where I live, and I do not trust this woman so not recommended.

Happening date 2024-04-02
User evaluation:

Waste of money. Bad service.

Bad dog walking service
Happening date 2023-12-12
User evaluation:

Bad service and won’t be using again.
Getting your friends to leave fake positive reviews on Google, Facebook etc doesn’t hide the negative truth.

Not registered to care for dogs!!!
Happening date 2023-11-28
User evaluation:

How is it possible that anybody can open a dog walking business, and sell dog treats with a choking hazard, taking on the responsibility for caring for animals without being registered, or checked on by the authorities?
If there was a dog walking registration service then this company and owner would not pass, and therefore would not be allowed to sell the junk dog food, or walk dogs.

Missing dog
Happening date 2024-03-22
User evaluation:

We all make mistakes, but when it comes to the care of animals, you have to take responsibility and you have to double check your own actions. Leaving my back gate open for my dog to escape after you had walked my dog is totally unacceptable.
I had to spend three hours looking for my dog.
Luckily, a kind gentleman contacted me from the information on the dog collar.
Very worrying situation that you caused.

Not to be trusted!
Happening date 2024-03-18
User evaluation:

Due to being out of town, I left my back house keys with Doggy Poppins owner so that she could walk, and care for my dog on a daily basis.
I will not go into detail, but I will not be putting my trust in this woman again, and obviously I will not use her services again.


What exactly went wrong with the service? Any particular incidents or issues that led to your dissatisfaction? Additional details can help others make informed decisions.

Sick dog treats
Happening date 2024-01-24
User evaluation:

How is this woman allowed to continue to run a business in the care of animals?
I don’t know what she fed my dog, but my dog was sick for days.

Bad service
Happening date 2024-01-17

Avoided my phone calls because she knew I had a serious complaint to make. I paid for (deleted by the administrator) to care for my dog for two hours. She turned up half an hour late, which disrupted my day. She then took my dog for a walk, and on arrival back, my dog was filthy in which she didn’t even bother to dry him off.
My dog seemed very timid for days afterwards, so I will not be using your bad services again.

Happening date 2024-03-04
User evaluation:

This girl who runs Doggy Poppins is an irresponsible dog walker and cannot be trusted with animals.

Not providing the service as advertised
Happening date 2024-03-12

I put a GPS tracker on my dog, and it revealed that (deleted by the administrator) is not providing the service in which she says she is. The tracker app clearly showed that my dog was taken on a 10 minute walk and then didn’t move from her place of work for over an hour. I paid for a one hour walk.


I agree because it’s true

Not recommended
Happening date 2024-02-14
User evaluation:

Ban Doggy Poppins from being a dog walker immediately. Dogs are not just a cash cow for you to abuse as an incompetent dog walker.
NOT recommended at all.

Bad experience of this walker
Happening date 2024-03-11

This dog walker met me at my home. We talked and I questioned. She gave the impression of being unnaturally overly friendly as if playing a false character. However, I brushed my concerns to one side because she seemed experience as a carer and a walker of dogs. As such I trusted her to care for my dog.
Big mistake.
After one and a half hours in Doggy Poppins care, my dog returned home, traumatised and fears leaving the house.


It's distressing to trust someone with your pet, only to have them return home in a traumatized state. Have you been able to determine what might have happened during that one and a half hours to cause such a change in your dog's behavior?

Any updated details on DOGGY POPPINS? This thread seems to be dead for quite a while.