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Rating 1/5
based on 5 ratings
The user's experience with PD-FIX is not verified


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Happening date 2024-06-20

Allegedly had a policy which covered 3 kitchen appliances. Policy was in husband’s name. He passed away suddenly in February. In March the fridge freezer broke. I called PDF up, told them my husband had passed. They said policy would be cancelled. I argued that we had paid a year in advance to no avail. They pretty much said it wasn’t their fault my husband passed (true, but not helpful)and they would amend records. Today I received a renewal in my husbands name saying thank you for choosing to renew again I have called and emailed repeatedly but no joy. I will take it up with my bank so they do not take the £200 renewal when they couldn’t even honour the last one. Is this company for real?

Most popular review
The most popular review among Gowork users
Happening date 2024-04-04

They target vunerable old people, reported them once, but looks like I need to report them again. Disgusting


Where did you report it last time? Were there no actions taken?

Happening date 2024-03-01

DO NOT USE - took money from account of elderly person and despite numerous phone calls and emails and promises of money to be returned - NOTHING


That sounds terrible! How many times has this happened? Did you contact the bank to block further withdrawals?


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Happening date 2024-03-22

What an awful bunch of scammers. This lot continually hound my Mum (73 with very progressed dementia) with letters about cover she has never requested and continually set up direct debits and take money from her. Real wankers


Have you considered reporting this to the appropriate authorities to stop this unfair practice and ensure your Mum's well-being? This behavior is completely unacceptable.

Happening date 2024-03-11

This company is an absolute scam. I have a policy running with them on 3 appliances through the end of May. I have an issue with one of the insured appliances and I wrote them several emails with no reply, called and had someone assure me they had my email and would respond shortly, and since then (months ago) I've emailed and called over a dozen times with no response. They stole £150 for annual coverage and now are providing absolutely no service!

Happening date 2024-01-27

took mony out of my bank after id cancelled the policy 2 years ago and i can not get a refund


Was it a bigger amount of money? Maybe you should think about reporting it somewhere? Or maybe you already did that and you are still waiting... 2 years seem crazy

Happening date 2024-01-09

PD-Fix are scammers targeting vulnerable people.


What do you mean by scammers? They don't provide the service you pay for? If you could tell me more, that would be great....


They are constantly taking direct debits from my mum’s account for white good cover which she hasn’t asked for and doesn’t need. Their email address doesn’t work.

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