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Rating 1.5/5
based on 8 ratings


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Aj singh Happening date 2023-08-28

It’s the worst site for a he trades people
Don’t waste your money
They have robbed £800 off me

@Aj singh

They took his money but never followed through with what they offered


It's always sad to see things like that happen, especially in 2023 when everyone can leave comments everywhere. Did you think about reporting that somewhere?

Phornix roofing specialists Happening date 2023-08-02

Joined bookabuildee in march this year
Have had 10 job leads come through. Not one was avaliabe
Wast of time and money. Feel like ive done £450 down the drain

@Phornix roofing specialists

Same happend to me as a joiner,made a claim to my bank and the bank gave my money back,book a builder didn't deliver on their end of the contract

Kras Carpentry Happening date 2023-06-22

Apsolute scam...DO NOT USE!!!
ONE YEAR AND NOT EVEN ONE JOB ...PAYD £580!!!!On top of that they will renew you contact automatically and take the money again.. without any worning ...and there is nothing that you can do!!!OR so they will say!!!All they care is to take your money!!!!I am having such a nightmare with them at the moment...even that I haven't used the service for 7 months...simply no point ,just empty job!!!
My personal opinion is stay away from them. ONE Year ago when I joined I have read a bad reviews for them and I did ignore them!!Wish I didn't now...Stay away!!!

@Kras Carpentry

Yes,you can call them and ask to cancel the contract because they broke it and ask your bank to investigate them, their company is set as dormant

@Kras Carpentry

That seems to be a tough situation. Have you contacted with any legal professionals? It's hard to believe there's nothing you can do

Anonymous Happening date 2023-09-13

Trademan/builders reviews


Is there something wrong with them? Or you just want tradesmen and builders to leave reviews under your comment?

ben Happening date 2023-09-12

amazing service won a job already and only signed up yesterday

4 users follow the company

Andy Happening date 2023-08-30

Very happy with Book a Builder's services- and have been for several years


Do you use their service regularly? How about the people working there? Are they nice?

Aj singh Happening date 2023-08-28

Worst site ever. Please never use book a builder

Anonymous Happening date 2023-08-18

Scammers,charge money upfront for nonexistent jobs,and when you complain about it they ask for more money.

Anonymous Happening date 2023-07-14

Absolutely dreadful, promised loads of work in my area. This didn't happen, I had one job in a year which paid £120 . They fleeced me for £400 then a rep contacted me to say I can upgrade to commercial work for another £400. This was an absolute lie. I've never received any of this work. If you're a gas engineer please avoid at all costs. They use their affiliation with Wolseley to give themselves some kind of standing in the industry. Total rubbish, I will never join one of these companies again. Complete and utterly (deleted by the administrator).

Trading Happening date 2023-06-03

Signed to work with book a builder. They advertised that they get a decent amount of jobs and advertise your company with a portfolio.
Complete waste of money and time. Barely any jobs are given and when it is, it’s always listed as unavailable. They encourage you to upgrade by your account and pay near half the price it was to sign up to receive more leads rather than give you any obviously acceptable amount of work. The supposed portfolio and ‘advertisement’ is just whatever amount of views on your profile which is a ridiculously low amount. In the space of a month only 3 views which we paid £800 for!!
No option to cancel they just take your money and come up with excuses as to why there are no jobs and you’re forced to stay associated with their company regardless of if you are satisfied with their service.
Honestly very disappointed and would not recommend to companies looking to expand their work intake.
Absolute scam!!


Did you use their service for more than a month? Maybe these were just some bad weeks

Anonymous Happening date 2023-04-04

Poor Workmanship caused by two supposed bathroom fitters who totally wrecked my bathroom and didn’t have a clue what they were doing. The one was as dull as a brush and told my daughter he v xx maimed Disability Benefit, had 25 children and hired a private jet for holidays. If only he’d gone the talking when they came to see me I’d have seen straight away that he was A Fruit Loop and never engaged them. A £900 job is now going to cost several thousand to fix. Please be careful as I wouldn’t want anyone else going through what I have.


Hey, thanks for this comment. I've never used book a builder before and I have doubts. I understand that you can find a worker there, but the site does not take any responsibility for these people?

Anonymous Happening date 2023-03-16

I don't know the company and now I'm checking to see how professional they are and what they offer for the money they claim for a year!!


Have you discovered the secret? ;)


I agree !!!!!

Hristo Happening date 2023-01-25

this is a fake company don't mess with them they take your money and then you have no job


If you see my comment, please write something more about it, I don't want to be fooled.


In 5 months I didn't done 1Penny !!!!!


Have they signed an employment contract with you? I was sure things like that don't happen nowadays


I have loads of work from them, so strong key disagree.


Any tips how to stand out from others in the beginning?? :)


Because they scammed me as well


But from what I understand from the perspective of a worker there are some jobs. How did they scammed you?

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