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Rating 4.9/5
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1 Seton Terrace, Glasgow G31 2HU, Royaume-Uni
Rating 4.9/5
based on 7 ratings

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How do you extract DNA from a living person?

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The most popular review among Gowork users
Happening date 2024-03-25
User evaluation:

The results of the test on my origins were really well detailed and very clear. It enriched my understanding of my family history. Thank you very much.

Most popular review
The most popular review among Gowork users
Happening date 2024-03-19
User evaluation:

Knowing that the results of my paternity test are positive, I finally feel complete and sure of myself. It's a validation of my identity and my origins, which gives me great satisfaction and renewed confidence in my own family history. Thank you, Quick DNA.


After seeing your positive review, it seems that Quick DNA is a reliable company. Can you shed more light on how long it took to get the results? Were they clear in explaining the process?

Most popular review
The most popular review among Gowork users
Harry Carter
Happening date 2024-03-11
User evaluation:

Initially, I was a little disappointed with the efficiency of the DNA testing service at Quick DNA. The notifications seemed a little random and I felt a little lost as to how to process the results. However, after contacting customer services for help, I was surprised by their responsiveness and willingness to help. They guided me through the process and answered all my questions, which finally enabled me to take full advantage of their service.


Although the initial process seemed disorganized, it's reassuring that their customer service was able to guide you through it. Do you feel satisfied with the results now after understanding them?


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Happening date 2024-03-27
User evaluation:

Thank you for the accurate results. For me, it is crucial to identify my dog's breed.

Happening date 2024-03-22

Manager of a reproductive health centre, I used the DNA Paternity Test to help a couple resolve paternity issues concerning their child.


Was the couple content with the results? Were they delivered promptly and explained clearly?

Happening date 2024-03-21
User evaluation:

The prenatal DNA test gave me a deep sense of security during my pregnancy. I am grateful that I was able to establish paternity before my child was born.

Happening date 2024-03-21

As the owner of a research laboratory, I used the Ethnicity DNA Test to discover the ethnic origins of our samples by comparing their DNA to a vast global database.


How accurate was the Ethnicity DNA Test? Did it help in the research or provide any crucial discoveries about the origins of the samples?

Happening date 2024-03-19
User evaluation:

The variety of analyses offered, particularly on nutritional and sporting aspects, was impressive. It helped me to understand my body better.

Happening date 2024-03-18
User evaluation:

The sources are regularly updated, which adds to my experience. I've also used customer service for a question, and was impressed by the speed of their response. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of finding cousins and exploring my ancestors. Many thanks to the whole team!