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Rating 3.7/5
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How does SMART CAPITAL VENTURES respond to the trend towards flexible working hours? As many as 46% of potential employees would not accept a job offer that did not include them. Is this something they plan to change in the future?

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Happening date 2023-09-13
User evaluation:

I have been scammed by these people.
Has anyone else?
Their scheme works like this:
You sign up. You invest anything from £10 to £5000 and you get 5% return each day that goes into your wallet. If you invest 5100 you get 10% return each day. Until recently you could withdraw from your wallet any time. Now you have to deposit 5100 as a one-off payment in order to withdraw. They don't tell you this so you loose your money if you don't have the funds to do this. They also don't tell you that after a month on the Starter plan you have to upgrade to the Classic plan by depositing 5100.
My first account with them got frozen and I didn't have the funds to unfreeze it.
In an attempt to raise the funds I opened another account that started with $1500 and within a few weeks I had $4000 in my wallet which I tried to withdraw. They don't tell you that if you try to withdraw all your money it triggers an account closure and they say you must wait 40 days to get your money. But the account will get frozen after a month and you have to deposit 5100 to unfreeze it. So that failed too.
I opened an account for my sister. I tried to withdraw some funds. Deposits and withdrawals are done through their portal and an exchange like Binance or Okx. I didn't paste the withdrawal wallet address correctly so the funds didn't get to my Binance wallet. It was an invalid address so it didn't go anywhere. SCV customer services said they would recover the funds but they did not.
One account has grown to about 40K. They say I have to deposit another 5100 in order to withdraw it but I don't trust that they will let me have it.
They always come up with some reason why you need to deposit more first.
They have taken all my savings (about £15K).
They don't have a telephone number. Their head office in London doesn't exist. They only way to contact them is through their WhatsApp customer service but they can be incredibly frustrating and unhelpful.
They is a lot more I could say about them.
I don't know if there is any way to get my money back. I don't really know what to do now. I guess I should report them to the ActionFraud or a company that investigates scams.
I would like others who have been scammed by to post their experience and get in touch with me.


Were there any indications or terms and conditions mentioned about the withdrawal restrictions when you first signed up, or were these introduced suddenly without prior notice? I think it's a good idea to find their other customers, but you should also report it ASAP

Happening date 2023-08-01

They do not publish any terms and conditions. I argued with their CS about this many times. It's one of their ruses to catch people and take their money.

Happening date 2023-07-01
User evaluation:

They scammed me out of thousands of pounds.


Was your situation similar to the ones that people describe there? At first everything was good and then the stopped answering...

Happening date 2021-10-20
User evaluation:

Good and fast in earnings


There are a few comments with complete different opinions. Have you been their client? Do you think they are a company I can trust... thanks for you answer


Do not trust them. They are scammers


That's what most of the comments say and now I'm not really sure. Could anyone at least confirm that this is their website - (deleted by the administrator)? I'll make some research maybe

Happening date 2024-01-03


thanks for that. everything there seems to be legit, but as many people say there's something wrong I'm not so willing to try. But maybe there is a chance to report them somewhere if they really are the scam? Have you tried it alreadY?

Happening date 2023-07-14

They have scammed me out of a lot of money. They say their head office is in London but it is a lie. They are probably overseas. I will report them to the FCA but it will be hard to catch them.
What is your experience with them?


I found some interesting advertisements and wanted to start, but firstly came for some reviews and I saw what I saw... At least now I know to be careful. Was it a big sum you lost?

Happening date 2023-07-21

Becare. They will let you withdraw some initially but when you have a lot invested you won't be able to get it.


smart move from them... was it a long time a time ago? I'm still thinking there is maybe something to do..


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Happening date 2023-08-01



Has this happened to you? When I see reviews like this, I get a bit scared

Is it true that SMART CAPITAL VENTURES is responsible for Real Estate? Do you recommend their services? At what level does it provide services? Thanks a lot!

SMART CAPITAL VENTURES from London is a big company, isn't it? How many employees are working there currently?

Happening date 2023-10-03

Only a few people running the scam. The head office doesn't exist. Their directors don't exist.

Is it true that at SMART CAPITAL VENTURES, unlike PROPCO PROPERTY overtime is not mandatory?

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