Our history

Our history began in 1990 and since then we have been in the process of continuous growth. We are one of the largest forums with reviews about services and workplaces. Every day we collect stories from Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the UK and Poland.

Our mission

To create a space for dialogue and let users tell their stories!

Our intention is to show that behind every comment there is a person who wants their story to be heard and understood.

We want our platform to be a medium that facilitates contact between employees, employers or customers and allows them to better understand each other. The success of every company depends on good relations between them.


Our community


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What makes us different?

-> Reviews about employers

On Gowork you can read reviews about workplaces, salaries, benefits and working environment. This makes our platform truly unique among other review forums where only clients can add reviews.

-> Anonymity

Most of our users are employees. We realise that it is much more difficult for employees to express their opinion about the company because they are afraid of dismissal or negative perception in the workplace. Their situation is completely different from customers who are not attached to a certain brand.

We were looking for a good solution that would allow them to leave feedback about their work environment and we know now that they value anonymity more. Therefore, Gowork does not require you to log in to add comments. This gives the opportunity to share real work experiences and does not prevent us from taking care of the quality of the forum.

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-> Dialogue

In our forum we give the possibility of dialogue and to share experiences.

Unlike other platforms with opinions, on Gowork you can respond directly to each comment. Thanks to this, users can explain their stories in more detail, make contact more easily and even create their own small communities.

In addition, we give everyone a voice. Both employees and clients can tell their stories on our platform. At Gowork we believe that every comment is important and every person deserves to be heard.

Before publishing we do not censor or moderate opinions that follow the rules of Internet discourse and are written according to our rules. We respect every comment and want every user to always feel welcome on the forum.

We are here to make the job market a more pleasant place for everyone.