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How to Become a Psychologist: Essential Qualifications

A psychologist is a person who makes a psychological diagnosis. It is based on a very detailed interview with the patient, sometimes lasting for months or even years. Psychologists often use complex psychological tests to make their diagnoses even more specific. The demand for psychologists is increasing with the development of technology, which brings many […]

How to Become a Radio Presenter: Tips and Hints

To work in this position, you need flawless diction and the right timbre of voice. Your task will be to convey daily news and keep your listeners entertained. In this article, we want to tell you, how to get a job in radio! Responsibilities and Duties Responsibilities will depend on the place of work because, […]

Why your brand story is important but your customers don’t know it

What is a brand history? A brand story is an integral part of its image. It is the story that reaches audiences most simply and is easiest to remember. So it’s no surprise that the most prominent brands boast about their stories, focusing on storytelling and tales of building their company from the ground up. […]

Gowork’s Mission: Employer and Employee = Perfect Match

Gowork’s mission is to help candidates find the perfect job, increase awareness about employee rights, problems, and pathologies that occur in dishonest companies, but also to create a space for employers to build their positive online reputation. We successfully achieve our goal in each of these areas, as evidenced by our conquest of successive European […]
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