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How long will it take to get a response from Gowork?
We usually respond within 3-7 days, but if we have a lot of requests, the time may be longer. Read more in our Regulations.
If I report a review, does it mean it will be removed?
Not always. Our admin team will carefully read the reported review and check if it breaks forum rules. Admins can also decide to partially moderate a review. See: When is a review suitable for deletion and when to moderation?
Can I report an entire profile and delete it?
No. As a rule, we do not delete entire profiles, only reviews. We want to respect our users who created a company profile to be able to express their opinions and share their experiences. We consider deleting the entire profile to be censoring them. See: How we verify the veracity of the content
Can I report all reviews on a profile?
No. Your arguments and reasons for reporting a review are important to us, so we require a specific explanation for each comment. However, if a lot more reviews raise your concerns - please email us at [email protected] with a broader explanation for a few reviews. Our admin team can then verify the given reviews with the help of our algorithms and filters. See: Tackling non-substantive content and ensuring quality - how we do it
Who can request IP addresses?
Only the Police and Courts suspecting committing a crime can request IP addresses of users. We do not provide IP addresses or any other data to companies and third parties.
I don't want to fill out the form. Can I just send you an email?
Sure :) If you haven't found the reason for contacting us in the form, feel free to write to us at: [email protected]