Dear Entrepreneur,

Feedback is a great opportunity for any company that cares about relationships with its employees and customers. This is because in recent years reviews have become a crucial element for consumers and for brands. In addition, reviews are an important part of search engine rankings.

At Gowork you will get to know the stories of your employees or customers and you will have the possibility to respond to them and write your own chapter. We invite you to respond to the community, give your point of view, appreciate and share the good things that are happening in your company.

* according to a study by BrightLocal “Local Consumer Review Survey 2022”

Public statements published by companies are highly appreciated by users.

We want you to understand that behind every opinion there is a real person who wants to communicate something to you.

Just listen to them and try to understand them, it's so simple. Believe us, you can participate in the creation of this story too.

  • You know your employees and customers

    Instead of sending numerous newsletters with questions, listen to the stories of your customers and employees in a real forum. You can find out what they liked about your company or what they found difficult.

  • Thanks to the feedback of your customers you will improve your products and services

    Hundreds of companies already use reviews as one of their main satisfaction survey tools. Do you want to optimize your sales processes or improve your work environment? You are in the perfect place to start!

  • You stand out from competing brands on the Internet

    If your business name appears on the first page of Google, you're in luck! Your customers and potential employees will remember you, not other brands. A review website increases your chances of recognition.

  • You have the opportunity to say thank you or respond effectively to criticism

    A quick and honest response can restore or strengthen trust in your brand. Trust us, the answer makes all the difference.

Don't know how to start?

We have 8 proven tips that will definitely help you.



Respond substantively

Thanks to this you will only refer to the information contained in the review and avoid assumptions.

What the user wrote is the most important thing to them. If you focus on that, you will convince them more.

Read carefully

Read the review carefully before responding. By making sure you know what the user means, you will show them that you understand them. This will increase their engagement with your brand.

Keep calm

Anger and other negative emotions are never good advisors. Respond calmly, even if the review contains information that you find difficult. The user will see that you approach the issue in a professional manner.

Don't use vulgar words

Remember that it is not only a user who can see your answers. The language you use shows how you relate to your customer or employee. Offensive expressions reduce your authority in the eyes of the whole community.

Don't make personal comments

It is worth treating each user individually, but don't use personal details. Remember that this may have legal consequences.

Put yourself in the user's shoes

Think about what might have prompted that person to write a review about your business. Each user is a separate story that started somewhere.

Be thankful for every review

Don't just focus on the critical reviews. Show that you appreciate everyone and enjoy every good review. After all, your business is not just a building, but above all people celebrating your successes.

Draw conclusions

Every opinion teaches something. Keep that in mind and think about what you can do better!

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Can each person leave a comment on the forum?

Yes, every person who has had experience with the company can leave a review.

More than half of our forum users are employees.

We want to give them the opportunity to tell their story without fear of being fired. We know that anonymity is much more important to them than it is to clients.

For this reason, it is not necessary to log in to our forum. This does not mean that we condone offensive or defamatory content.

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We store the IP of the users, which allows their identification in extreme cases. We do not provide the data to the company, we can only provide it at the request of the court or the police.

I would like to respond officially as a company, how can I do it?

If you want to respond to the feedback, you can enter your company name in the nickname. However, if you want your answers to be authenticated and more reliable for users, you can take advantage of our premium offer.

Are reviews verified?

In general, reviews are not verified a priori, however, we have filters that recognise spam activities, therefore, suspicious comments go through the verification process. In addition, we block words that do not comply with the rules of Internet discourse.

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It seems to me that not all comments comply with the rules, how can I report them?

If you think that some comments are inappropriate, you can tell us about the specific content by filling in the complaint form available on our website or writing directly to our email [email protected]. Every case of possible defamation or spam is thoroughly checked by our team.

Why do users use nicknames?

On our forum users can use their real names or nicknames. This is up to them.

My company details are incorrect, how can I correct them?

If your details are incorrect, you can correct them directly in the thread by clicking on "Correct company details" on the right hand side of the page. Alternatively, you can provide us with the correct details in the complaint form available on our website or write directly to us at [email protected].