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Rating 1/5
based on 10 ratings
Personage walk retail, Leigh, WN7 5SJ
Rating 1/5
based on 10 ratings

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I cancelled my membership. Everlast Leigh.
Happening date 2024-04-13
User evaluation:

I am a “disgruntled” ex-members of this Leigh Everlast Gym.
It is sad how it has gone downhill over the last twelve months, and continues to get worse.
I was apprehensive, in fear of voicing my grievances with management because of the back lash horror stories that I’ve heard from other members. However I did.
Basically by voicing my concerns to staff (as I did), with many genuine reasonable concerns, even in a clam respectful manor, I was treated unsatisfactorily as if I was the problem. This happened to me, so I walked away from this gym because I was left feeling upset and undervalued.
I do NOT look upon this gym in a favourable manor at all.
And yet again the pool area, and many gym machines are out of action.

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The most popular review among Gowork users
Deeply upsetting discrimination experience!
Happening date 2024-04-05
User evaluation:

Everlast in Leigh segregated me as a member at the gym, they singled me out, disfavoured, bullied, embarrassed, ridiculed, belittled, and some staff were very rude and aggressive towards me due to their miscommunication, and lack of, in understanding me, and their ignorance, and misimpression of me and my Autism, which resulted in my membership termination.
They treated my disabilities as a plague to eradicate. Staff words “I just wanted him out of the gym”. No explanation as to why other than lies, when in fact I am extremely easy-going, not aggressive at all, I was never rude towards anybody, never raised my voice etc.
I was very popular with the gym members.
Everlast have upset the whole of the Autistic community which has resulted in many cancellations of memberships and others not joining.


Head office in fact contacted the victim and made the most ridiculous allegations and it became a police matter. The police closed the case down within the week because it was so ridiculous and Everlast caused a huge amount of distress.
Extremely unprofessional, bullying and threats from head office. The manager has since been replaced at this branch and it looks like they’re going out to business


So maybe it's time to fight for the compensation? If you say that the police was already engaged somehow... What do you think? Are there any chances?

Most popular review
The most popular review among Gowork users
terrible Gym
Happening date 2024-03-26
User evaluation:

Equipment is old and knackered. Was hit in the face with faulty bit of kit glasses were broken and staff/management not even bothered. No one from head office even checked up to see if I was ok. Was told I would be compensated for my broken glasses which hasn’t happened. If I wasn’t tied in to a contract with them I would have left. Terrible gym.


Thanks but I think they will be out of business by year end


So you think there are many other people dissatisfied with that gym? :D


Start managing the thread of your company.

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Abusive “Fight club” “Combat class” trainer.
Happening date 2023-09-01
User evaluation:

The staff trainer (Fight club) committed an abusive unprovoked verbally violent assault on me, screaming, shouting, & repeatedly pointing at my face, as she falsely assume, wrongly imagined, & misinterpreted my reason for smiling in class that she falsely claimed was laughter.
She mistakenly thought that I was laughing at a gym member, when I was not. In fact he wasn’t even in the room but had been the week before. My positive innocent smiling strangely bothered her. That is a negative reflection on her, and not me.
The trainer mistakenly assumed there was a reason for laughing at the gym member, so who is the one in the wrong? I wasn’t even looking at the mentioned member the week he was there, he was behind me.
She never even asked me why was I laughing (smiling). That would have been the calm adult mature first course of reasoning.
I’ve never been the victim of verbal violence to this degree until now. She was totally out of self-control. I felt extremely uncomfortable.
I did not retaliate, in fact I calmly walked away because I am the bigger person with emotional intelligence. I am horrified at her shameful despicable, totally unjustifiable behaviour.
You have lost a paying member, and received negative feedback.

Happening date 2024-04-11
User evaluation:

Some staff are rude and best avoided.
Machines are often broken and it’s months before repairs, if ever. Toilets area and showers are always unclean when I’ve looked and no available toilet roll.
Pool and steam area strongly smelt of chlorine. Too strong over used. Steam room never hot enough.
Staff are too busy talking amongst themselves to notice the members. Disgusting dust everywhere,
Best avoid this Leigh gym.


I can see many bad reviews about that gym, but it's really the closest one for me :D Is it really that bad for a casual user? The machines are so poor?


Go see for yourself. It’s bad

Too busy and faulty equipment
Happening date 2024-04-03
User evaluation:

Shocking gym, far too busy, I can’t get on nothing at times, and the only equipment with nobody on them is faulty. Tried to cancel but because im 3 days over my cooling period they say im in 12 months contract. No helpful service from staff.

Not worth the membership fee
Happening date 2024-03-30

I can see that there are NO hot-tubs in used and additional faulty equipment.
Unhygienic lack of cleanliness in the gym, steam heat room, and unclean changing areas.
Some rude arrogant aggressive staff.
Reduction in the heat of the pool.
Reduced gym hours.
I realise the economy is bad, but to reduce membership services means there is no point in being a member. This is why the negative reviews outnumber the positive.
Granted if the membership fee was £10 a month then the limited reduced services would be more tolerable, but not for £30 a month.

Toxic staff
Happening date 2024-03-30
User evaluation:

Some of the gym members I’ve known for over 20 years, they’re friends of mine and some I met when I joined. I get on with everybody extremely well and consider them friends, some of which have been to my house on a number of occasions as friends.
However, a toxic member of staff came over to me and said and I quote “They are not your friend”. The staff members seem bothered of my popularity, and that I talk with everybody.
Days later, I was talking with friends and we were laughing and the same staff member shouted over “Are you calling me names?”.
We wasn’t talking about her and wasn’t calling anybody, so she is totally paranoid and toxic. Days later, my membership was terminated.
Very strange toxic staff as I’d never said a bad word word about her.

Andressa ex-member
Happening date 2024-03-16
User evaluation:

My experience here has been consistently disappointing. The cleanliness leaves much to be desired, with grime accumulating in corners and equipment looking visibly dirty. Moreover, the maintenance of the gym equipment is severely lacking, with machines frequently out of order or malfunctioning. It's frustrating to pay for a membership only to encounter broken equipment time and time again. Overall, I would not recommend this gym to anyone looking for a clean and functional fitness environment.

Extremely disappointed
Happening date 2024-02-01
User evaluation:

I recently visited the Everlast gym in Leigh, and my experience was extremely disappointing. The gym was unkempt and poorly maintained, with broken machines scattered throughout the facility. Dust and empty plastic bottles littered the floor, giving the impression of neglect. Additionally, the layout of the gym was poorly planned, with machines placed too close together, making it difficult to navigate and work out comfortably. It was evident that cleanliness was not a priority, as there was no blue roll available for machine cleaning after use, and many machines had been out of order for a considerable amount of time. The lack of basic amenities such as toilet paper and hand wash soap in the restroom further highlighted the disregard for hygiene and customer satisfaction. Overall, my experience at Everlast gym in Leigh was extremely disappointing, and I would not recommend it to anyone looking for a clean and well-maintained fitness facility.


It sounds like the gym's management needs to address serious cleanliness and maintenance issues. Did you bring up your concerns to the staff while you were there?

Happening date 2024-03-26

No one cares, not the staff or head office. I think they have given up and they know it’s past the point of bothering. The gym will be out of business this year.

Happening date 2024-03-01
User evaluation:

My overall experience in this gym was very disappointing. I found the place to be filthy with many of the machines out of service.