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This company wants 50percent up front before you can view a vehicle. Scam.

Highly Recommended. I'm satisfied

Best car dealer I have ever dealt with

Sold faulty car. Promising the world but ending up with silly excuses. 2 months trying to fix a faulty car which he sold to me. Matthew is a liar. How many times he told me: im with the customer I'll call you back in 10?! Then ignoring, then he is away, no staff, half of the family died and on and on! I wouldn't be surprised if he wouldn't pay salaries to his staff. AVOID AVOID AVOID!

Yes are the vehicles damaged or reaposest

One star is way too good for GTJ cars. This company currently have a Vauxhall Corsa for sale (advertised on their website), that they know is not road worthy nor fit for purpose. GTJ sold this car to our son’s partner in September. She spent all her savings on this car and a useless warranty. The Corsa broke down in October. Aforementioned warranty would not cover any of the diagnostics nor repairs. Our local garage found significant damage to the catalytic converter and other issues. After many ignored emails and phone messages, GTJ finally agreed to repair the car and collected it late in November. Many delays later, the car was apparently ready to be collected from Thetford in January. Upon collection the battery was flat… it had not been replaced as per the diagnostics. We asked for the invoices for all the parts that had been scheduled to be replaced (in particular the totally melted catalytic converter) these invoices were never forthcoming. Much discussion and finally a second hand battery was put in the car and it was driven home. It broke down again a few days later. GTJ said that they would recover the vehicle again (for inspection), but repeated emails to them proved fruitless. They basically ignored any correspondence directed to them and refused to acknowledge repeated pleas for a refund. Late in February, a legal claim for compensation was made to the county court. GTJ had 14 days to respond before a county court judgement could be placed. They did not respond until day 13 and they then demanded that the claim be withdrawn. A few days of negotiations and finally GTJ agreed to repay in full. The claim was marked as settled and GTJ sent someone to collect the car. A few days later the car was for sale again on their website. This car has not been mended and until the refund payment is cleared and ownership transferred, GTJ do NOT own the car. Throughout this whole sorry business, GTJ have been evasive and underhand. They are NOT the trustworthy family business that they claim to be. In fact they are lying crooks. The best advice would be: DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM GTJ CARS!

Good customer service and value for money

Still waiting on log book 6 months when I was told it would only take 5to 6 weeks excuse after excuse from them don't know whats going on fed up with all the excuses from them won't answer phone now I will be phoning DVLA Iam fed up with the axcauses