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Why you took money from my account? I never enrolled in your school is not fair please give my money back thank you

Poor pay and bad place to work. Only bright side if flexibility and working from home. Benefits are dreadful, pay is even worse.

I find the review on 17.03.24quite disappointing. Clearly a disgruntled ex-staff member wanting to air their feelings. Having worked for the nursery for many years I would say that this opinion is an unfair and unjust representation of the life of a Bizzy Kidz employee. The staff are all highly thought of and their roles are challenging, rewarding and appreciated by the owners, directors and managers. I know in particular that they will always do what they can to help their staff, even when they are experiencing difficult times in their personal life, be it financial support, childcare or emotional support. At Bizzy Kidz high quality Childcare is the top priority but also ensuring the environment is safe, clean and tidy is paramount too. Ensuring the staff are all trained and up to date with the constant changes in EYFS is essential. We know that the demands of childcare practitioners, the increase in the demand of places in our nursery is putting everyone under pressure and we hope we can continue to motivate each of us, dust ourselves down and do our jobs well, sorry you felt this strongly but clearly our Bizzy family wasn’t the place for you- I also wanted to address your comments about the daughter of the director and don’t like how you are trying to undermine her professionalism, as she has qualified to level 3 in her own right, she is a great colleague who is extremely flexible and loved by the children and the parents. I along with the rest of us doing our job wish you all the best in your career and let’s hope they will support you like we tried to.