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I cannot Recommend this Beauty Lounge enough, totally trust Whitney with everythingf xx

If you want to be in a abusive and toxic work environment then this is the place to be. Not run by professionals or leaders, except toxic narcissistic people wanting power and abuse you. They hide from accountability and will quite happily through you under the bus. You will be forced to lie to clients and pretend the AC has broken down and be forced to lie to owner AC reps as there is no integrity with this company. They operate on dishonesty and how much they can rip clients off by.

I love their products

Do not contact this company if you care about your mental health and your money as well. Do your research before sign the contract to avoid a horrible and expensive experience. We start this partial renovation because our shower was leaking. When they finished (worst team ever, (deleted by the administrator)) the shower was leaking, the radiator was leaking, the sink was leaking. The toilet was loose, walls cracked and silicone shrivelled. The ceiling was perfectly fine before they came, but now has holes in it. The employees missed approximately 10 appointments, leaving us waiting for hours with no show. Not even a cancellation message, no calls, no nothing. Despite our multiple efforts to reach out via email, the management ( (deleted by the administrator) and (deleted by the administrator)) failed to respond to our complaints. This lack of communication added to the frustration and inconvenience we experienced. Not even an apology for all this bad experience, nothing. Renovation waste is still outside the building even if we paid for removal.  Anyway, we contacted East Dunbartonshire Council and Glasgow Council about it. In the end we decide to contact another plumber to finish their job.