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Very good agency i work for them they are very polite and will help you in any way if they offer work I recomend taking it

(deleted by the administrator)of Arty Property Development (later Arty Property Renovations and One Renovations Services) has been reported to Trading Standards as a rogue builder. He argued he had to pay for the hired labour when he asked for the full amount and that he would finish the outstanding part of the job on the next day. More than a year later after a dozen chasing calls, emails, continuously rescheduled appointments and several no shows, we issued a letter to make time of the essence and another letter informing him he was in breach of contract. We informed him that we would be hiring another trader to complete the job. Our 10 month old baby struggled to sleep due to the rooms getting too hot or too cold. We had higher electricity and gas bills. The builder blocked our numbers on his mobile, closed down his email accounts. Our messages to his business partner via LinkedIn also went unanswered. Our tracked letters were returned by the Royal Mail because the builder was no longer at the specified address although the Companies House still listed the same address. When I personally visited the address, I discovered that the builder’s business was registered at close family members’ address. The builder's family refused to take the formal letters from me and used abusive language. A fortnight later I recognised another family member from the builder's business page in a playgroup I regularly attend with my son. The builder called on my mobile immediately and used very stern and intimidating language. No payment was ever made but instead I was intimidated further that approaching his family amounted to harassment even if he had blocked off all communication channels. An application to a small claims court is our next step.