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Started off well they were very quick to respond when they wanted the business but once the money was paid the response died down.. after numerous emails and calls and going thro the stress and leaving messages with some receptionist finally I got a call. I chose the 2 options from the drawings which were very basic I was asked to pay another £309 for maps and project management.. so far paid approx £1500 I have emailed and emailed to ask to confirm second payment so far no response .. responding to email and calls it’s a failure! The only person who actually responded was(deleted by the administrator). I did finally speak to (deleted by the administrator) after a week of chasing now let’s see if this application is submitted and takes off, although my project is quite simple as the structure is built by the developer so no major digging! It’s been stressful although I had appointed a company to take that stress away! I will update here what happened with my project!!

SCAM. No information about company. Straight asking for 200£ for ctc. DON'T APPLY

Worked for these over 5 years, the money they pay for car and travel does not cover the costs, pathetic upper management especially in the training department. Planners that plan work past your finish time. Large turn over of staff but everything will be better in 6 months ( total lies)

Amazing female-led company, great to work with.

Brilliant company to work for cannot fault them compared to previous companies i have worked for