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Rating 1.5/5
based on 2 ratings


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Do employees at GREENSHAW LEARNING TRUST enjoy the freedom and flexibility of flexible working hours? According to a survey, 46% of individuals would turn down a job offer without this benefit. How does GREENSHAW LEARNING TRUST accommodate this demand for work-life balance?

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John Wick
Happening date 2018-01-08
User evaluation:

Worked for GLT for best part of 4 years and watched a happy school be turned in to a military operation more concerned about the ranking of students from best to worst and removing disruptive students than actually supporting the young people they were brought in the help after a bad ofsted.

GLT have a way of expelling problem students to hide they are strict on everything. Speaking out of turn can get you sent to one of the many behaviour rooms employed across a site.

I've watched staff cry due to pressure put on them i've witnessed students in distress be told they teacher doesn't have time to sort their problems from SLT. I've witnessed in house bullying of staff by higher members of the faculty at a certain school. I watched heads of deparment be stripped of roles and cast aside because GLT are cut throat and don't care about the efforts of it's staff just whether the overall school chart has changed from red to amber to green.

If someone said have a million pounds to work for GLT again i would politely tell them to do one! there is no way on this earth i would work of these (deleted by the administrator) again.


What can I say.. poor you. Were there any support systems or resources provided to staff and students to cope with the changes introduced by GLT? Do they even try to make the situation better?

Most popular review
The most popular review among Gowork users
Sinister Bullies
Happening date 2023-03-01
User evaluation:

Such lovely colleagues but some extremely unprofessional (deleted by the administrator) poor management. Some Managers are in post with no life or management experience (deleted by the administrator) thus have no capacity to properly train develop (deleted by the administrator) manage staff. The modus operani in this organisation in the department I work in is (deleted by the administrator) if I don't have the skill to manage a person let's bully them until they leave.


So you say there is no difference between departments? All are poorly managed?


100% accurate

If a customer is very satisfied with the work of one of the employees from GREENSHAW LEARNING TRUST, how can they help distinguish them?


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Does anyone know what the current situation is at GREENSHAW LEARNING TRUST in Sutton? Is it stable?

You don't like your current job? Our company in Sutton is currently hiring.

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GREENSHAW LEARNING TRUST is recruiting again for the position of Teacher.

GREENSHAW LEARNING TRUST for 3 time in the last 12 months is looking for new candidates for the position of Hr Manager. Is it because of the development of the company or because of the high turnover?