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Do employees at TWINKL enjoy the freedom and flexibility of flexible working hours? According to a survey, 46% of individuals would turn down a job offer without this benefit. How does TWINKL accommodate this demand for work-life balance?

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Happening date 2024-02-21

Poor pay and bad place to work. Only bright side if flexibility and working from home. Benefits are dreadful, pay is even worse.


So the only bad thing you mention is pay, but didn't they provide the information about it during interview? I think you usually know everything about earnings before joining the company

Most popular review
The most popular review among Gowork users
Happening date 2024-02-19
User evaluation:

Extremely poor pay not meeting industry standard requirements, impossibly long pay reviews, and a CEO who does not care for the welfare of his staff, avoid if you respect yourself and want a wage you can actually live on.


Didn't they provide the information about wages during interviews? Because I feel like you should know that before starting the employment. However, of course, nothing is an excuse for poor management

Happening date 2023-11-16
User evaluation:

Poor working conditions would not recommend


What's so poor about them? Do you mean the atmosphere or a salary or anything else? Sorry for asking, but I always need a bit more details to understand the point

Happening date 2023-11-22

Poor atmosphere
Poor culture
Only care about making money
Low pay
Poor benefits
HR team lack compassion
Don't care about the employee experience or employee engagement


Ok, now I think everything is clear :p Did you work directly in Sheffield? And do you know whether they hire a lot of people? Is that a big company or rather not


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Happening date 2023-10-05

The job offer is looking for an E-Commerce Projects Coordinator at Twinkl. The role involves supporting various projects within the company, such as the Ultimate Academic Planner, Store, and Sub & Save. It is mentioned that the coordinator will be responsible for driving product growth, managing logistics, and implementing processes to ensure success month on month.

We are curious to know more about the specific responsibilities and tasks involved in this role. Could you provide more details about the day-to-day activities and the type of projects the coordinator will be involved in? Additionally, the job offer mentions the opportunity for self-directed projects and innovation. Can you provide examples of previous innovative projects and how they contributed to the company's expansion?

Are they currently hiring at TWINKL? Would having asthma make it harder to get a job their?

Which companies are worth attention in Sheffield?

Do you like the website of TWINKL or THE LITTLE LEARNING TREE PRESCHOOL more?

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There is a new job offer at TWINKL. They are looking for a Lead Software Engineer.

TWINKL is recruiting again for the position of Data Scientist.