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Happening date 2024-03-13
User evaluation:

Despite myself and others asking for clarity as to what the advertised 3 step progamme is we still have no idea! I've checked the website and social media posts and on approaching the individual they openly admitted that there wasn't any information on their website but took offence at me asking questions. The individual ( Who still hasn't given me a name as just signs off with a purple heart) then proportioned blame on me for not messaging them. But surely if I and others are raising questions on social media should tge posts not be monitored and responded to otherwise what's the point? Yet the individual then went on to admit they don't monitor or respond to all social media posts. The name of.
The freestyle program is compassionate copper, but that is the only information given but on questioning.What exactly this program was I was told on social media I should understand what the word conversations 'suggests'. I found this very rude withvtgem seemingly assuming I am completely stupid. My crime was to ask for information about a 3 step Programme , if the venue was accessible and if there was a cost. The comments and attitude of this individual are questionable with much emphasis about themselves, What they do, career hustory, who.they work with, tagging other unrelated groups into conversations etc but gives little information as to the actual 'product' to potential clients.
It is m all very very strange and not something I would want to be involved in.


It's concerning that they weren't able to provide clear information about their 3-step program and responded poorly to your inquiries. It's especially unprofessional for them to not monitor their social media interactions effectively. Did you ever get any clarity on what the 'Compassionate Copper' program entails, despite their vague responses?

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