Salary for advertising copywriter

Average salary

3500 £

Basic salary 3300 £
Maximum Wage 3700 £
3300 £
3500 £
3700 £

advertising copywriter - How much money do you make working at this position?

The average salary for the advertising copywriter position is 3500 £

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Salary in companies

3300 £ 3700 £

Comment on the job position of advertising copywriter


  • minimum 6-8 years of experience as a copywriter in content, advertising, and product environments
  • proven ability to work cross-team and synthesise feedback and input from marketing, product management, sales, market research, internal and external partners
  • ability to manage multiple projects at one time to make aggressive deadlines
  • self-starter who can work independently to solve complex problems
  • can distil marketing challenges and business goals down into focused creative briefs
  • can sell strategic thinking and creative concepts to internal and external stakeholders
  • must have an online portfolio that contains work demonstrating breadth and depth in conceptual thinking and copy-writing. This should also include your strategic approach and process


  • producers to create customer-focused solutions that deliver on advertiser objectives
  • autonomously lead campaigns and collaborate with internal teams, clients, and external agency partners
  • conceptualise, write, and execute ad campaigns and experiences for global brands
  • work with art directors, designers, program managers, developers, and strategists and
  • very Good writing skills that shows the ability to create campaign content
  • partnering with major film studios to work on innovative campaign ideas for their movie releases
  • data-driven and meticulous with understanding customers and making work that delivers results
  • helping people better take care of their health through social change campaign ideas
  • present ideas and concepts to important internal and external stakeholders
  • working through creative messaging feedback with Legal and PR
  • presenting a campaign to brand clients and their partner media agency
  • reviewing video edits for influencer product launch campaign

Current offers for the position

Advertising Copywriter

Role: Advertising Copywriter Pay rate: 175 - 205 Daily Rate (PAYE) Holiday pay Duration: 3 months with a view to extend Location: Hybrid working (2 days in the office in London) Start: Immediate (You should be available or have a short notice period This...