Salary for forensic collision investigator

Average salary

4600 £

Basic salary 4400 £
Maximum Wage 4800 £
4400 £
4600 £
4800 £

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The average salary for the forensic collision investigator position is 4600 £

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4400 £ 4800 £

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  • produce reconstruction reports ensuring by applying correct scientific principles and ensure conclusions reached are valid and supported by the available evidence
  • critically review reports, confirming that correct scientific principles and conclusions reached are valid and supported by available evidence
  • assist FCIB supervisors in maintaining the Quality Assurance of FCIB investigations
  • to provide an expert Forensic Collision Investigation service, compliant with current legislative and regulatory standards and to assist with the FCI report Quality Assurance process
  • maintain appropriate records of reconstruction investigations and exhibits to ensure accurate audit trails and to support the criminal justice process
  • lead by example and behave in line with the Police Code of Ethics ensuring that the organisation’s values and behavioural expectations are clearly understood and considered by managers, officers and staff in their decision making and actions; reinforcing and influencing them through all interactions and processes
  • provide analysis of vehicle borne data and conduct specialist technical and mechanical examinations of all type of vehicle under relevant legislation to identify offences, substantiate allegations of mechanical failure and ensure that procedures are conducted in line with national requirements
  • location: London, Catford, Merton and Perivale
  • maintain personal competence in accordance with ISO and regulatory standards and evidence continued professional development to NPCC requirements
  • contract: 12 months
  • work hours:Full time - Office based and then moving into a hybrid model
  • provide expert evidence and opinion to the investigation team and the Courts, whilst ensuring that at all times you remain within your competence and expertise, in order to provide a professional and unbiased account
  • vacancies: 1
  • vetting Level: CTC
  • ensure compliance with the Forensic Science Regulator’s codes, ISO standards, Criminal and Civil Procedure Rules to provide a high quality of service

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Consultant Forensic Collision Investigator

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