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I can confirm, unfortunately.

Swish world group and all other associated brands including: swish a ltd, swish flix, Swish News, Swish tech, swish host, swish justice, swish world group, performance to go plc. The list is endless. Loads of court cases online to back up evidence that they do not pay their staff, currently owe approximately £250,000 worth of wages. Fraud operation is run by (deleted by the administrator)

With this bait, I don't have to worry about pitching my tent near a wasp nest while camping. Peace and quiet are guaranteed.

I used to have to psych myself up for weeks before each tattoo session. Now, I just relax and let the cream do its work.

This mole killer is fantastic! The moles have disappeared like magic and my garden is finally safe. Easy to use, I'm really pleased with my purchase!

Very good treatment! The varroa mites were eliminated quickly, without affecting my bees. Easy to apply and money-back guarantee. Very pleased.

An effective and economical treatment! The termites were completely eliminated. Its guaranteed results ensure peace of mind.

The neighbor's dog was wandering around our yard, infested with fleas, which led to an invasion of these parasites in our home. Everyone in the house was scratching because of the flea bites, but after using this product, we found it incredibly effective: not a trace of these parasites in sight! In fact, I'm going to recommend this product to my neighbor so that she can get rid of them too.

This burnisher is economical to use, a small amount is enough to cover the large surfaces of my iron sofas.

This preventive coolant is easy to use and provides long-lasting protection for my engine. I've never had to worry about corrosion problems since I started using it.

After using this whitening kit, I've received so many compliments on my smile that I wonder why I didn't try it sooner.

A little boost for your tired mind, it gives you energy while relaxing you. This CBD is the best.

These baits are like mouse traps, but in an XL version for weasels who think they can take anything at will. I recommend it to everyone.

With this bait, coypu don't just pass by, they settle in for a feast. It's the surest way to catch them and keep them away from your home.

Do we have any students here? How do you feel about the university?

What do you think about studying there? Can anyone recommend?

How would you rate the Faculty of. Health Sciences there?

Is there a chemistry department? Thank you for your help