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Accounts Happening date 2022-06-01

The management of this company are simply incompetent. They clearly have no idea what they are doing and often blame junior staff for their mistakes. The directors this business need to take a long hard look at themselves and realise that they are not capable of running a business and no amount of "management consulting" is going to fix that. Also they should realise having a management consultant who is married to the general manager is clearly a conflict of interests. Their best course of action is to hire a chartered management accountant and sack off the dead weight of the general manager and management consultant firm.


Do you believe that hiring a chartered management could change anything? Or the problems are too deep?

James Happening date 2023-04-03

The compaany is a family run business, they are (deleted by the administrator)


Okay, do you know something about working in that place?

They say they pay better at HAVEN CARE GROUP than at the neighboring GROUND SOLUTIONS UK. Does anyone know what the truth is?

David Happening date 2023-04-01

No the pay is awful

Can anyone share what the salaries are more or less for the post of accountant in the Real Estate department?

David Happening date 2023-04-01

About 20k pa

Do you know the actual level of English required and verified at GROUND SOLUTIONS UK?

David Happening date 2022-11-01

If you can dribble in English your in. They're scraping the barrel right about now.

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Maybe some of the new employees will share their info concerning work at GROUND SOLUTIONS UK? Let us know how working there looks like now, as we had no new updates for a long time now.

David Happening date 2023-04-01

It's a hellscape.

GROUND SOLUTIONS UK for 1 time in the last 12 months is looking for new candidates for the position of Grounds Maintenance Operative. Is it because of the development of the company or because of the high turnover?

GROUND SOLUTIONS UK is recruiting again for the position of Property Manager.