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Rating 3.7/5
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How does AIS UTILITIES promote work-life balance for their employees through flexible working hours? Studies have shown that 46% of workers feel they have a better balance when given this benefit. Is this a priority for AIS UTILITIES?

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The most popular review among Gowork users
Happening date 2022-07-04
User evaluation:

Having worked for AIS for just under a year its clear to see they are a growing company with a real focus on delivery and giving the best possible service.

I've been given more than enough training to give me the experience to close deals and bring new projects to the company. The industry is ever changing, so we are always learning, but my personal experience the management team / owners are always available to support.

We are definatley rewarded with salary and with a generous comms scheme the sky is the limit.

Dont get me wrong there is pressure, but i'd like to think my role is an important cog in the AIS machine so I need to be performing / ever changing to ensure I get AIS to where it needs to be!


By saying 'training' do you mean the one provided by colleagues, or you had something additional?

Most popular review
The most popular review among Gowork users
Happening date 2023-05-04
User evaluation:

This is my personal experience and happy to share.

The company is a forward thinking organisation with inspiring owners at the head.

Owners are learning and improving all the time, happy to adapt when needed.

Have trusted me to learn and grow and have been an ongoing amazing support whenever needed as well as unprompted.

The business is growing and also wants people that work for and with AIS to grow with it, yes a fast growing business comes with its own challenges but for those that want to be part of an exciting business that is already making a significant dent and reputation within the industry then AIS is the company for you.

Like any opportunity, it’s yours to take and AIS will recognise those that want to development themselves and ultimately the more value you give anything rewards will come, owners of AIS sincerely want you to grow and do well as this in turns grows the business.


I agree with Karl


Can you please elaborate a little bit? I'm thinking about applying there, this is why I would like to know as much as possible. Are you a current employer? Have you joined a long time ago?

Most popular review
The most popular review among Gowork users
Happening date 2022-06-10
User evaluation:

Awful company to work for. Taken advantage of, pay is good but the directors are patronising and make you want to leave. Management in general is awful, SL is ruining the PM team, design needs work and need site visits before signing it off rather than using (outdated) google maps.

Will highly recommend avoiding AIS Utilities/Energ-eyes, unless you want to be taken advantage of, put down no matter what you do, and be blamed for everything and anything which goes slightly awry.

Directors cannot direct, managers can’t manage (Especially SL, which is why all of his team quit)… you know what they say (deleted by the administrator) people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad managers…


Strongly disagree.


Apart from this one above, it's hard to find any bad comments on them. What does the situation look like now, a few months after the theoretically entire team left?


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