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How does MANUTAILORING prioritize employee satisfaction through flexible working hours? A recent survey found that 46% of individuals consider flexible hours a top priority when considering job offers. Is this something MANUTAILORING takes into consideration?

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The most popular review among Gowork users
Very bad sewing
Happening date 2023-07-22
User evaluation:

I gave Manu a suit to sew, a simple zip back trousers suit. On the first fitting nothing fit me because despite taking my measurements she got it all wrong.
On the finish of the garment I was shocked at the bad quality of her garments, the zip flapped around at the bottom, no lining, non of the seems were finished and a lot of crooked cut work.
She charged me £50 for the worst made suit ever and made me pay cash so I couldn’t dispute her work at the end, this is the highest I have paid for a simple suit and I have found someone much better, cleaner with her work and she charges £35 for a lined zip up trouser suit.
If I could I would put pictures up to show the shockingly bad work.

Happening date 2023-08-02

Hello, yes I spoke to her about the length of the top being wrong, she insisted this was the length I gave her despite being wrong. When the suit did not fit at all on the first fitting she said she would fix it very easily.
On the final fitting I was tired and upset and just took the suit as I didn’t have the energy to listen to her excuses, I should have complained and got my money back but I was just too upset to argue.


Are you at least able to use that somehow, or the fitting is that bad? Maybe think of complaint again?

Most popular review
The most popular review among Gowork users
Happening date 2023-07-22

Very poorly sewn garments, that do not fit (despite taking all measurements. Charge £50 for a simple zip up suit with straight trousers, she did the worst job I have ever seen!
Would never trust her with any of my clothes, she’s expensive and poor quality and she takes cash only so I can’t even get my money back.


Normally there is one person but during busy times she took on extra staff.


Ok, thanks for the answer. But is £50 for the suit a lot in Birmingham? If it's a hand-made and good job...

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