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Cleaning & gardening services
Rating 1/5
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Happening date 2023-03-04
User evaluation:

alongside the many others that have worked here, I also have had a terrible experience with NEOCLEAN and director (deleted by the administrator). They promised to pay me for my services, but they didn't follow through. When I contacted them about the issue, they spoke to me disrespectfully and refused to make things right. It was clear that they had no intention of paying me.

To make matters worse, Im having to go to court to retrieve the money that is rightfully mine. Dealing with the legal system was incredibly stressful and time-consuming, and it's all because NeoClean didn't fulfill their obligations.

I strongly advise anyone considering doing business with this company to think twice. They don't respect their employees or their obligations, and they'll cause you nothing but trouble and stress.


Yes, I'd second this review. An unreasonable, unnecessarily unpleasant director. Seems v insecure & controlling. Uses underhand tactics such as subtle threats/undermining statements eg withholding the gym membership blatantly advertised as part of the job, stating, 'let's see how well you work, then I will decide if you get gym membership or not' even after a week of good work.

With so many great cleaning companies to work with and agents who know how to communicate with basic social intelligence skills why waste time with Nasty NeoClean?


subtle threats/undermining statements??? What year are we living in? That sounds really bad, and I would love to hear the answer from the company :p I hope you don't have any contact wit them yet

Happening date 2023-02-10

Terrible experience from the moment you receive the call from them.


What do you mean? Were they mean for you?

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