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Aggressive, sarcastic, or insulting remarks - does this sound like your everyday communication at work? If mobbing occurs in 3TONE MUSIC, share your experience and suggest changes.

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Happening date 2023-10-20
User evaluation:

Total scam. They use artists royalties to keep the company floating because the CEO has no experience and doesn't know what he's doing.
Destroyed many employees lives and independent artist's livelihoods

Happening date 2023-11-16

Absolutely do not apply. Google the CMU story on 3Tone and their narcissistic CEO (deleted by the administrator). He embezzled money from artists. He has harrassed and not payed employees. Multiple artists and employees have lost their homes. 3Tone has been evicted from their offices for nonpayment of the rent. Steer clear. It is a very deep problem and there are multiple lawsuits against them.


Thank you for that information then, I will be careful for sure. Have you also try to report them anywhere? Im curious, how long such activities and companies can last..

Most popular review
The most popular review among Gowork users
Happening date 2023-09-22
User evaluation:

this company is a SCAM. they are not paying royalties to their artists and I bought pro package which costs 129 pounds and my representative doesnt reply and they ghost you. They do not respond to your problems.


they are not paying the artists


It's always scary for me, that companies are still doing things like that in 2023. Do you think it is possible to report such situation anywhere?

Happening date 2023-09-28
User evaluation:

Terrible artist services and a huge scam. They do not pay out royalties or reply to emails. I have been waiting on a reply from them for 4 months even though I have emailed multiple times to receive an update. I wouldn't recommend joining them as a distributor.


Waiting 4 months for an answer should never be acceptable. Do you think that only distributors are treated like that, or this is how they proceed with everyone?


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Happening date 2023-09-30

The difference is that 3Tone hasn't paid its employees in months and silence them with intimidation tactics.


Intimidation tactics, what do you mean by these? Sounds illegal and anything what's illegal should be reported

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