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Aggressive, sarcastic, or insulting remarks - it is important how your employer addresses you because it is a sign of respect. What does communication look like in Inspired22?

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Happening date 2022-11-22
User evaluation:

Inspired22 has a very misleading way to get people to apply, I had a position at inspired22 during 2022 and I was told during my interview that it was an office based job in the city with set working hours and a good salary, all of this was incorrect, there was a mention about the need to travel for work sometimes but it was passing, however, my first (and only) day there I arrived at the office and was greeted in the reception area and taken upstairs, had a small group meeting with paper work with other new starters then there was a bigger group meeting about the days schedule, they then started talking in more detail about the actual work and this is when it dawned that this was just a company that hires out an office space as a meeting point to send people out cold calling, but on the off chance that I was wrong I continued with the day.
I became certain I was right when the director handed everyone their routes to do their rounds in an area that is more than an hour outside of where they said I'd be working, knocking on doors attempting to sell fibre broadband to people under the guise that they're doing checks to see if people are getting the correct speeds, one member of the team made a habit of demanding to speak to a homeowner when the homeowner was physically unable to come to the door and also had been told that they were not interested, what was worse is that the area had a lot of elderly people who didn't have internet or were not aware of what the people knocking in doors were talking about and were very confused, I quickly became disenfranchised with the situation and zoned out untill I could get back into Manchester, I didn't get back home untill midnight after I was told it would be an 11-7pm working day.
I made it clear the next day that this role would not be for me and that I won't be returning, I received a message saying that the late finish is not normal practice and that I'd settle in and that they thought id do really well at the job, but after seeing what they do at people's doors and the disregard they have towards people i did not reply to the message on moral grounds and i never heard from them again.

I am in no way stating that this is their customer facing business practice overall , it could have been the case that one or two members were just overzealous at selling and making money, but the experience left a very sour taste .

In summary:
It was a 100% commission based role cold calling in the middle of nowhere after being advertised as an office based job with set working times and a salary.

Pressure selling broadband to people even when it's been stated that they are either not interested or unable to make the decision under the guise that te
Hey e been sent out to make sure that everyone is getting the correct speeds.

Interview process was swift but also misleading for the stated reasons, banking on the high turnover of applicants to see who sticks around.


Oh wow I was not expecting that. Can you write what exactly the job posting was about? Because office based job sounds very general. I'm a bit surprised that you agreed to go out and do something different from what was advertised. It's a bit like you get hired as a singer and they tell you to dance...


It stated on the post that you would be a customer service advisor, being the port of call for inquiries and such the like, full training provided and based in the city centre, a lot more information was provided during the interview, stated that they were a third party company working on behalf of an internet provider, thats when the interviewer said it was office based, so email and over the phone.

I haven't searched anything about the company recently to see if they've changed anything since I applied, I've just gotten on with life.

I decided to give it at least the day to give it a fair go, I was only observing the first day but it was all I needed to come to a full decision, I wasn't in a position to just say no at the time which jobs.

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Happening date 2023-09-12

No new information, they don't post their job roles on indeed anymore, however you can still see some information on there about the company, I haven't searched anything in them in a while, just moved on with life


Do you know why they don't post any new roles? Are there any problems inside the company, or there is just no need for new employees right now?

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Inspired22 is looking for people for the position of

Inspired22 for 4 time in the last 12 months is looking for new candidates for the position of Customer Service Advisor. Is it because of the development of the company or because of the high turnover?