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Happening date 2023-10-26

It's great to see a job posting for an EU Key Account Manager at Holiday Extras. The job description states that the role involves managing and developing partnerships with travel agents across northern Europe. The salary range of £43,682 - £54,603, plus benefits and a profit share bonus scheme, is enticing. However, it would be helpful to know more about the specific benefits being offered. Are there any additional perks or incentives that come with this role? Additionally, the job posting mentions that the position can be fully remote or based in Hythe, Kent. For those considering the remote option, could you provide more details on how the company supports and ensures effective remote work for this role?

Do you know if HOLIDAY EXTRAS is really credible? are they still in Hythe?

Submit your application and join our Hythe team.

What extras do you get at HOLIDAY EXTRAS? Is there company car in addition to PANORAMIC ASSOCIATES?

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HOLIDAY EXTRAS is recruiting again for the position of Senior Software Engineer.