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What are the duties of Creative Support?

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Happening date 2023-11-13

The job offer is for a Senior Activities Support Worker at Creative Support in Doncaster. It states that the role involves developing and coordinating stimulating and relevant activities for clients with learning disabilities and mental health needs. The position requires a proactive and creative individual with excellent communication and IT skills.

It would be valuable to learn more about the specific activities involved in this role. What types of activities are typically planned and organized for the clients? Additionally, the job offer mentions that the successful candidate will enjoy visible and supportive management from the team. Can you provide more information about the management style and support provided by the team?

Worst company ever
Happening date 2023-10-03
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Review of Creativesupport

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Updated 5 minutes ago
If i could i would give this company a…
If i could i would give this company a 0. Absolutely terrible company. Bullied by management, staff. I was pushed to go permanent and regretted this decision. I delivered the best care and support. External staff have been causing problems in this particular house for years and are still continuing to do so. You will be bullied by management and staff. What you say is considered nothing. I was suspended and accused of so many things, and nothing was evident. All based on he said, and she said. They told the families the allegations were true without fully conducting an investigation or speaking to all the staff. It was a way to manage me out of the house and a way to protect themselves from losing their liscence. My hours on rota were always messed up or short of contracted hours, therefore my holiday hours were used to fill my hours back up without my consent or knowledge. The house is overrun by agencies who are clueless as to what they are doing. Permanent staff join and leave within 2 - 3 months. The house has probably never been fully staffed. I left this company while suspended. They said i will not be able to obtain a reference and they would tell the next employer i left while under suspention. I still managed to get a reference from a senior at their company. The house manager is leaving the house too. Its a terrible enviroment. Its registerd as supported living but actually its high-level care, underpaid and alot of drama comes with this particular house. I feel alot better now that i have no association with this company. I feel alot of burden and stress has just gone. A week before i was suspended, i put in a grevience against the external staff, my grevience was completely egnored and i was suspended and heard nothing about the grevience. The grevience was a separate process and should have continued regardless if i was suspended or not. I was one of the best staff at my job and everyone knew it. I was already in another employement so it didnt effect me much and managed to find another job to do my overtime quite quickly. Never let a company bully you or use their scare tackticks. Remember without evidence, they cannot do nothing. Read all the reviews before you even consider joining this company. Just like you said you would give a factual reference to my employer. I thought i would return the favour and give a factual review to all major platforms.


So you copy-pasted your own review or it's not yours? Because I have a couple of questions and wonder if I should write them or maybe there is no point to even start. On Trustpilot I can't write nothing

We all love a success stories! How does CREATIVE SUPPORT transform a satisfied customer's rave review into recognition and maybe some benefits for the employee who stole the show?


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In the job offer for Senior Support Worker the salary has been changed. Currently you can earn 1600 £.

In the job offer for Support Worker the salary has been changed. Currently you can earn 1760 £.