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According to the survey, 46% of Brits would reject a job offer if it did not offer flexible hours. Is this a benefit offered by MGM HOMES TELFORD?

What do you want to know about MGM HOMES TELFORD?

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Happening date 2023-03-20
User evaluation:

The owner has fraudulently obtained a large deposit and further sums of money from me to
build a new conservatory for me to the tune of £17,300. A small amount of building work took place with insufficient footings and no input from building control, planning or a structural surveyor. The building was then abandoned for months with various lies and excuses. When I investigated further, I found that there were too shallow footings and the whole thing would have to come down. (deleted by the administrator) is a conman and is refusing to return any of my monies. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. The positive reviews are faked and there are a large number of defrauded victims with heartbreaking stories.


Seems like a huge amount of money. Do you have a hope to get it back? I mean, maybe police said something, I'm like very drawn in that right now

Happening date 2023-09-24

Helen please contact me xx

Steve M
Happening date 2023-05-25
User evaluation:

(deleted by the administrator) has taken six figure sums from numerous victims leaving them with broken and uninhabitable homes. He has destroyed homes and lives, without a care. This man needs to (deleted by the administrator)

Happening date 2023-10-01

Please visit the FaceBook pages, MGM Homes Telford Victims,

Happening date 2023-08-17

I love my conservatory


Can you elaborate on that a bit? Whats so good about it? Because I can see many different comments about the company and now I'm like confused


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Sue Morgan
Happening date 2023-10-28
User evaluation:

Please can you tell me when my glass for door will be fitted

Happening date 2023-09-15

Please can this Company let me know when they are going to come and replace my bedroom roof which I paid £1324 for in April fas the wood is rotted and water leaking into my bedroom

And when they are going to put glass in my conservatory door which was ordered by then in May as the current wood in the door has all damp and mould on it


It gives me chills, I'm doing renovations and I'm afraid of such situations the most. Didn't this company give you a deadline to come in and fix it? This has to be reported somewhere

Happening date 2023-11-01

Please see the FaceBook,


Great to see you have such group :) Do you somehow try to reach as many people as possible or they just join the group like that?

MGM HOMES TELFORD offers good working conditions!

A friend said that he would earn more at MGM HOMES TELFORD than at THE GLASS & WINDOW SHOP. Can you say the same?

Happening date 2023-10-30

I know a string of manufacturers and labourers who were also ripped off by this company and have had to max up their own credit cards to pay for supplies for jobs that the MD of this company had taken deposits for, believing they would be refunded by the MD, only to be ghosted and abandoned with credit card debt. MGM and Mr Deleted don't care who they rip off. If you think you can earn more with them, David, then you are clearly part of the problem, have no integrity about taking money from others' hard earned pockets and perhaps need to ask yourself how you can a) live with yourself, and b) what you will do with the proverbial hits the fan, as it is about to do with MGM.


It was just a question and I don't understand why you are mean. However, it's could you provide such information and if the company is really like that, then I hope nobody else will fall for that. Are there any organisations, where you can report that?

Do you know whether MGM HOMES TELFORD is looking for candidates? My friend said that this company is trustworthy, is that true?

Happening date 2023-11-03

Please read my comprehensive answers above; the company are a front for dishonestly defrauding people who pay deposits to have a conservatory built or windows put in, and who then disappear with the deposits taken. So no, far from trustworthy. Of the people I alone know, at least £150K was fraudulently obtained this way.


Now everything is more clear - it would be great, if company answered something, because it's always good to have 2 perspectives. However, for now, we have no reason not to trust you Helen. Keeping my fingers crossed for you to get your money back :)