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Rating 1/5
based on 1 ratings
The user's experience with HEK JONES is not verified


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Happening date 2024-06-24

I am writing this review to share my deeply frustrating and disappointing experience with Hek Solicitors. I was assisting my sister in purchasing a house and had to interact with this firm. The entire process was a nightmare, and I feel compelled to warn others about their practices.

Lack of Secure Data Handling
They demanded my bank statements.

They failed to provide a secure method for me to upload my sensitive financial information.

In this era of digital transactions and cyber threats, it is absolutely unacceptable for a professional firm to lack secure methods for handling sensitive client data. This not only reflects their incompetence but also their blatant disregard for their clients' security.

Poor Communication
Their communication was equally appalling. I asked a simple question about how long they would be retaining my data, a question any reputable firm should be able to answer promptly. However, Hek Solicitors chose to ignore my query, leaving me in the dark about the safety and privacy of my personal information.

Inefficiency and Lack of Urgency
They took so long to process the necessary paperwork that the deal fell through. My sister had to start from scratch, looking for another property because of their dithering. This caused unnecessary stress and financial strain.

Ignoring Data Deletion Requests
Even after all this, they continued to ignore my emails requesting them to delete my data. It was only when I threatened to complain to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) that they finally responded.

My experience with Hek Solicitors was nothing short of a nightmare. Their lack of professionalism, disregard for client security, poor communication, and inefficiency have caused significant distress and inconvenience. I strongly advise anyone considering their services to think twice. There are many other firms out there who value their clients and their clients' security more highly.

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