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Job offer

The job offer is seeking a registered veterinary nurse to provide advanced nursing care during twilight hours at Fitzpatrick Referrals. The company highlights the importance of forward-thinking, empathy, and teamwork in this role. It mentions a 12-week induction training scheme and ongoing support for professional growth. The working hours specified are from 6pm to midnight Tuesday-Friday, but it's mentioned that other hours can be discussed. It would be valuable to know if there is flexibility in scheduling and how the company ensures work-life balance for nurses with these non-traditional hours. Additionally, the job offer mentions the opportunity to participate in referral nursing experience days. What would be the purpose and duration of these experience days and how do they contribute to professional development?

Which company do you think offers more services, FITZPATRICK REFERRALS or THE HACKNEY VET?

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FITZPATRICK REFERRALS is recruiting again for the position of Team Leader.

FITZPATRICK REFERRALS for 4 time in the last 12 months is looking for new candidates for the position of Nurse. Is it because of the development of the company or because of the high turnover?