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Happening date 2024-01-11

The job offer is for a Mechanical Fitter position with TORQUE CONSULTING. The responsibilities include performing planned preventative maintenance (PPM) and daily repairs, maintaining mechanical infrastructure, troubleshooting faults, and executing routine tasks. It is mentioned that possessing City & Guilds or NVQ Apprenticeship and having proven experience and expertise in mechanical maintenance and repair are required.

It would be helpful to know more about the contract basis mentioned. Could you provide information on the duration of the contract and any potential for it to be converted to a permanent position?

Additionally, is the position location-specific or is there flexibility in terms of where the work will be carried out?

Does anyone know if TORQUE CONSULTING is currently recruiting new people? What are the benefits of working with them?

Hello. Would you like to work in Manchester if the company there is recruiting again?


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They say that in RIGHTWAY GROUP they give company car. At TORQUE CONSULTING too or do they offer other benefits?

Maybe there will be a employee at TORQUE CONSULTING, who has some new details for us?

TORQUE CONSULTING for 12 time in the last 12 months is looking for new candidates for the position of Electrical Design Engineer. Is it because of the development of the company or because of the high turnover?

TORQUE CONSULTING is recruiting again for the position of Carpenter.