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Yes are the vehicles damaged or reaposest

False ads to lure you in and once they have copies of documents they "must have to proceed with the application" photo, proof of I.D, etc . Not real jobs and clearly just fishing for your data, DON'T SEND ANYTHING TO THEM, I have no idea what there going to do with my data I hope it's not a scam. Save yourself slot of hassle and don't bother.This is a terrible company and the managing director is discriminating candidates is bulling and treating with lawyers whoever dares to contact her in regards the date protection and the equality act. Honestly, speaking I am still shocked ! I never imagined a London based recruitment agency is not taking into account The Equality Act 2010 includes provisions that ban age and race and nationality discrimination against adults in the provision of services and public functions.This ban came into force on the 1st of October 2012 but not for Silver and Bow apparently !

I been going through this bad experience

Today I have received the skin care products and when I open the box it smell so lovely and I try products it’s so beautiful xx