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Jackie Happening date 2023-08-30

When enquiring asked what type of house we were. 3 house.
Quotes £20 and Facsa boards and guttering £80.

Arrived said did not realise we were a town house ! Did not have equipment to do gutteting. Although listed on Google. Then left after doing windows and leaving dirt remaining on window ledges.
I called to share dissatisfaction, told they did not realise we were a town house. Explained dissatisfaction around windows around standard of clean. Accused of lying about type of house and that they would return to clean. I took a day off work to ensure we were available. tried to explain not ok, to explain dissapointment. Was accused of being passive aggressive when I declined that they return to have another go and tried to explain that I had taken a day off from my nhs work.
Recieved two further abusive calls , calling us liars about 3 bedrooms. Sent emails admitting that they had failed to meet our expectations. At the same time saying that it was a decent job and for us to scrape the remaining dirt off. We were charged further funds a total of £37 for windows not cleaned properly. Very upsetting and appalling customer service , told they did not care I was a customer . Don't touch them., all looks good on leaflets appalling interpersonal relationships.we paid the bill, without further work.

Mike Happening date 2023-08-18

I work for the company and this guy when asked how many bedrooms does his property have said only two to get a cheaper price. In reality it’s got three and so we refused to clear his gutters for the price quoted. Because he uses the third bedroom as a study he said it shouldn’t count. He was very unpleasant to deal with.


Always good to hear both sides, now, at least I know why his review was a bit odd. Do you often have clients and situations like that in your company?


The job posting is for a Window Cleaning Operative position at AGLEAM WINDOWS in Newbury. They mention that no experience is needed, as full training will be provided for water fed pole window cleaning. It is stated that candidates should be friendly, outgoing, customer-focused, and able to work alone with initiative. It's important to note that this is a full-time, permanent position that offers a salary of £28,119 per year. A question that arises is whether the salary is fixed or there is room for negotiation depending on the skills and experience of the candidate. Additionally, the job posting states that on completion of the probationary period, the operative can take the van home. Could more information be provided about the probationary period, including its duration and expectations?

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Is AGLEAM WINDOWS from Thatcham still recruiting?

Has anyone worked at AGLEAM WINDOWS in Thatcham for a year and enjoyed it?

Near AGLEAM WINDOWS is CALCOT SERVICES FOR CHILDREN. Which of these two companies involves employees more in the development of the company?

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AGLEAM WINDOWS for 2 time in the last 12 months is looking for new candidates for the position of Cleaning Operative. Is it because of the development of the company or because of the high turnover?

AGLEAM WINDOWS is recruiting again for the position of Cleaning Operative.