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Kilmarnock companies reviews by employees

This really was my own fault. I wanted to check the company out and I invested a little money. They instantly jumped on me and I received many dozens of phone calls telling me how much money they had made me in just a few days....over 30% return in a week! When I proved reluctant to ‘invest’ thousands of pounds more the company kindly ‘lent’ my account £50,000 and again it ‘made’ a vast profit on this. Again when I refused to repay this loan from my own funds they took the loan and the profit back. More phone calls and pleading for funds followed....morning, noon and night. Finally when the penny dropped that I would invest no more....I got a phone call to advise me that the balance on my account had euro. Do not give these people Save the Children or Great Ormond Street Hospital or some other charity to give money away.